Activity really starting to ramp up in the NZ Adventures office as the

new season rapidly approaches.  Most of our lineup of six different tours are already full or close to full for the season which of course is a gratifying result for us.


The Eastern Explorer in January is the exception which is unusual in

the history of what has become a very popular event much modified since we initially ran it 4 years ago. However some of the other tours such as 46 South and our new Big Sky have significant waiting lists.

Big Sky is a very big trip to have bought into the lineup and to have drawn the support and filled up so rapidly is very encouraging to us.


The March High Country Heritage which we are this season running

as a 7 day has proven very popular also especially I'm sure, because it finishes near Wanaka just in time for the bi-annual Warbirds Air show.


All of the tours have had adjustments made in an ongoing process

as we  modify our planning mostly to the availability of suitable accommodation.  Connie has been sharing the office over the winter months with our daughter Nicky whom many of you will have talked to.


As the weather improves with Spring our main activity out on the tracks will be clearing briar and woody weed growth back from the track edges.

Worst part of doing this is that its a constant and there are very many kilometers of tracks. Makes a big difference though and worth it.




Seasonal Newsletter 2017 / 2018

Our vehicle lineup remains the same for the season. Our Landcruiser

has now clocked up 100,000 km of not quite trouble free service on the tours and the Isuzu MUX which is the back up but also the run a round has been totally with out any issues and closes in on the 100,000 km also.


So our fifth season about to get underway. Should be good. We could

do without the disruption and extra travel distances for all caused by the Kaikoura Earthquake so hopefully no repeats of that episode. Highway One looks to be on schedule for a pre Christmas reopening which suits us just fine.


Looking forward to the new season and hosting a great many old and new.


Robbie and Connie Crickett.

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