High Country Heritage Tour

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On & Off Road
Low Ratio Vehicle Required
Little previous 4WD experience required
High Country Heritage Tour

From Blenheim south down the island to Cardrona near Queenstown.1250kms and a great deal of variation along the way. From the most intensive to the most extensive of land uses, from flat Canterbury plains to the steep high country mountains further south. From tiny mountain streams to great impossibly blue lakes. This is our High Country Heritage.

Welcome once again and enjoy. Our trip begins on the outskirts of Blenheim where in recent years the traditionally summer brown sheep pastures have given way to both lifestyle blocks and vineyard development as people are drawn to the regions climate and the intensive viticultural potential has been both realised and the area under grapes hugely increased. You will see as we progress across the district many well known vineyard names. In an average year this is a very dry part of New Zealand and it is normal to see the hills surrounding Blenheim looking burnt off and brown.

Date Tour Price Deposit Space left
Feb 7th - 12th 2024 High Country Heritage 2 $3299 pp $300 pp 0
April 5th - 10th 2024 High Country Heritage 3 $3299 pp $300 pp 0
Nov 26th - 1st Dec 2024 High Country Heritage 1A $3299 pp $300 pp 4
Feb 7th - 12th 2025 High Country Heritage 2 $3599 pp $300 pp 24
April 11th - 16th 2025 High Country Heritage 3 $3599 pp $300 pp 28
Nov 25th - 30th 2025 High Country Heritage 1 $3599 pp $300 pp 28

Itinerary highlights

Day 1.
Blenheim to Hanmer Springs.
Day 2.
Hanmer Springs to Methven.
Day 3.
Methven to Fairlie.
Day 4.
Fairlie to Omarama.
Day 5.
Omarama to Cromwell.
Day 6.
Cromwell to Cardrona.
Day 7.
After a sumptuous breakfast we say our goodbyes and head back to the real world.
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