Robbie & Connie

"Any successful operation is the sum of all parts and NZ Adventures is no exception."

Any successful operation is the sum of all parts and NZ Adventures is no exception. To build up the largest network of off road access privileges in the country NZ Adventures has received the valuable co-operation of several enthusiasts and like minded people without whom this huge task would have been impossible. NZ Adventures now has regular access through more than 65 High Country Stations, several plantation forests and extensive DOC managed Conservation estates in the Marlborough, West Coast, Canterbury and Southland.

Robbie and Connie  are passionate about the back country of our beautiful home. The guided Safaris are designed to deliver a genuine sustainable off road wilderness experience with first rate back up and safety as a priority. We believe that New Zealand is one of the finest places on earth to get away from the crowds and enjoy the feeling of dirt under your tyres. It is certainly one of the most accessible and we firmly believe that NZ Adventures offers the best 4WD experience available. Just ask our customers.

“Thanks to you both for the awesome adventures this week. And for the unforgettable experience”

- Annette (Recently went on the  West Coast Explorer tour)

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