West Coast Explorer Tour

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West Coast Explorer Tour

This is a five day trip starting in Hanmer Springs and ending at Greymouth with overnights along the way in Murchison ( two nights) Westport and Reefton.

Of all the NZ Adventures tours the West Coast Explorer emphasises the differences most between the drier east and the damper west of the South Island. The contrast

is at it's most extreme on the afternoon of day one as we travel on the rainbow Road down into the Beech forests and away from the brown tussock lands of Molesworth that are so typical of the eastern side of the divide and the rain shadow created by the Southern Alps that are so characteristic of our other tours.

The trip starts in the holiday resort of Hanmer Springs and finishes in a much different place at Greymouth. From holiday town to a working town where the economy is based on resources often hard won from the land and sea. This very popular tour is offered twice through the season.

Date Tour Price Deposit Space left
April 18th - 22nd 2024 West Coast Explorer 2A $2899 pp $300 pp 0
Nov 15th - 19th 2024 West Coast Explorer 1 $2899 pp $300 pp 0
April 4th - 8th 2025 West Coast Explorer 2 $3099 pp $300 pp 0
Nov 15th - 19th West Coast Explorer 1A $3099 pp $300 pp 10

Itinerary highlights

Day 1.
Hanmer to Murchison
Day 2.
Sightseeing, second night in Murchison
Day 3.
Murchison to Westport
Day 4.
Westport to Reefton
Day 5.
Reefton to Greymouth
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